tips are easy to learn English.
Study English on a regular basis. The first step is listening. We must hear the words, sentences or pronunciation of English. The second step is to try to find out how they were written. As we already know the third step is to read. We need to read words or sentences several times until we correct English pronunciation. If we could read well then step four is to write. Try to write sentences or words with correct spelling.
When learning English, we hear, speak or read, and write. The most important thing that we must master is to think in English. Kelilingilah yourself with the English language including the mind. In other words THINK IN ENGLISH. It seems strange but you have to do that. How many people say that the indicator for this is when you sleep and dream in English. The next morning when you wake up, try to remember if you dream last night in English (Dream in Bahasa).
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